Become a Traffic Building Expert and Open Your Door to Money Making Opportunities

If you wish to become a expert on building traffic online and getting high quality customers to view your products or service, than it is necessary to learn the proven methods of generating free traffic. When people are about to buy something online, usually they start getting more keyword oriented with their searches. This is how we can exploit marketers as internet experts and learn to generate visitors that are interested in the product that we have to offer, rather than having no interest what-so-ever. Here are some of the free traffic building methods that can have you making tons of money and working from home in no time:


A very effective way to get free website traffic. With tons of free blog providers like blogger and livejournal, you can create a well designed blog within an hour. If you learn to use relevant keywords that people are searching for in your blogs, you can generate free traffic. You can load these blogs up with relevant links to your site, so people who have an interest in your topic can view what you have to offer. This also helps to get your pages a higher rank in the major search engines like Google and yahoo, and a way to help you learn to generate online profits on auto-pilot.

Forum Participation

If you haven’t already done so, search for the thousands of forums that are online. These forums target communities that show interest in losing weight, learning how to play sports, information on dating, etc. No matter what a person is interested in, they can find a forum of it online. What this means is that we can find forums that are related to our topics, and offer advice to the users in these forums on how they can benefit from your product. You must remember that what you are selling should be relevant to the users and benefit the special forum community, because if your site is just another useless AdSense site that these people are visiting through your forum than you can create a bad name for your website and actually decrease your traffic.

Social Bookmarking

Isn’t a relatively new way of generating effective online traffic, but has become a rather new interest and way of getting visitors for new internet marketers. The way this works is that you join a social bookmarking site, which there are thousands of free ones, and provide links to your pages that you wish to get visitors in your profile. If you make an interesting profile and learn to get interested people to view them, you can get targeted communities to view your product. These sites allow you to post as many links as you want in your profile as well as give them catchy link text that will make people want to click. Social Bookmarking can generate you long term traffic that can help your business grow in the future.


Kids in high school are making thousands of dollars a month using AdSense tactics through MySpace, one of the most recognized social networking sites on the internet. Since MySpace has over 100 million members and continues to grow everyday, it is an internet marketers dream to free online traffic. If you have 30,000 friends, you can send an email out to 30,000 people on your product or service and how it can benefit people. Or you can narrow down your market, and find a specific community which is located on MySpace. Even though this might bring some people to your website who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, it gets your websites name out there for free and can make you thousands of dollars a month online.

Remember that these are just a few free ways of generating high quality traffic that can help to turn potential visitors into sales, and boost your online profits. Even though these methods are free, internet marketers should receive an online education of how to implement these methods and learn how to conduct marketing research. If they learn to use all of these methods, along with keywords that are hot and people are looking for, you can generate free traffic for life and earn $200 to $1500 a day from the convenience of your home. So change your life today, and become a traffic building expert and start making money online.