Effective Link Building And Web Traffic Generation Techniques

For those who operate online businesses and other advocacy or promotion forums, and are worrying about getting less traffic and interest from online users, they could be wondering about two major aspects:

Either they’re wondering how they can increase traffic to their site, or that they don’t have much experience, and are giving other inexperienced people advice on increasing traffic. This predicament often leads online entrepreneurs to follow the wrong advice, and then give it to other people. Garnering increased traffic to your website should not be a problem, however it takes considerable time and effort and it won’t surely happen if you just sit there and do nothing.

If you’ve been involved in online promotion or Web site marketing at all, you have probably heard it over again that “content is key.” Since we mostly get caught up in the mad rush to promote our Web sites by trading links or submitting to search engines or buying PPC advertising, we can easily forget that nobody will visit our site, or if they do, they won’t stay long if we don’t have anything helpful or useful for them to watch, read or hear.

Strategies To Building Links And Garnering Increased Web Traffic

– Reciprocal linking. This method refers to the simple exchange of links between websites. A site agrees to place a link on one of its pages in exchange for a link from your site, and the links could either be text or a banner/graphic.

Reciprocal linking can be done through different methods. One method is to submit your Web site to directories, this is where you pick a top level category and include your Web site and description in there. A popular directory can provide you with targeted traffic, and these directories often come in three forms, which are the free non-reciprocal, free reciprocal or the paid directory.

In a Free non reciprocal directory, you can submit it for free with out needing to link back to them. For Free reciprocal directories, you can submit your link for free, but you will have to have a link from your site to the directory in order to get accepted. Lastly, in a Paid directory, you have to pay either per month/year or lifetime, in order to get your site listed.

– Content linking: In this method, you utilize articles on specific subjects and link from those articles to your site in the form of a resource box at the end of the article. This can be an effective method of one-way linking.

By writing something interesting and informative about your niche and email other bloggers to let them know, there’s a good chance they’ll also link to you. A good thing to do, is to leave comments on other people’s blogs and link back to your site.

Another way of creating better online exposure and letting others know about your site, is to post favorable opinions on everyone else on a popular topic. In addition, posting in Yahoo and Google Groups with a link to your site in your signature, as well as answering questions on Yahoo Answers helps increase awareness of your site.

– Linking Through Social Networks. This is a novel method of creating links from new marketing media such as Facebook, MySpace or social bookmaking sites like Digg.com. A large network of themed bookmarking sites have sprung up in 2007.

Another good method of increasing traffic and creating effective links, is to contact similar sites in your niche asking for a link exchange, which can also provide you with regular targeted traffic. For instance, if you have a site selling unique baby accessories, you may contact sites that sell baby clothes, toys etc and ask to trade links as you can also provide them with traffic. Also ensure that you trade with the right sites that will actually be beneficial to you, as too many outgoing links can have a negative effect on your site.

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