Effective Methods to Generate Free Unstoppable Targeted Traffic and Make Money Online in No Time

One of the most common question that I have had people constantly asking me is what are the most effective ways to generate targeted traffics to your websites, blogs or affiliate links. As an internet marketer myself, I used to often face this dilemma during my initial stage of learning the best way to make money online. It is only normal that many new budding internet marketers would face this as we are so fully compacted with various ways to drive traffic.

Therefore in this article, I will be listing 3 of my most effective free ways that has effectively brings me unstoppable traffic to my affiliate links. These methods are so effective that I don’t have to bother diverting myself to other ways for traffic. Initially, the secret ingredient to making money online and bringing in a positive flow of steady traffic is to always stay focus.

Article marketing – this is successfully one of my first listed ways to make money on the internet. The beauty part about article marketing is that you practically get to write as many articles that are closely linked with whatever your niche may be and have it posted to various article directories for free. A well written article earns you positive credibility points and enhances your expertise in the eyes of many potential customers. Now I must say that this is a sure fire way to have really targeted traffic and making money online will surely follow up in no time. Every article that you posted up is entitled for a complete republishing therefore enabling a very powerful viral effect. Having positive and related keywords constantly repeating considerably is very important for article marketing. This will ensure that your articles posted will be rank at a considerably positive position for any search engines.

Some of the free article directories that I personally favour are EzineArticles, Article Alley, Amazines, Article Base and GoArticles.

Posting slides and readable PDF documents – the good thing about writing articles initially to generate traffic is that you get to recycle it and transformed it into another form of traffic generating building tool. With every successful written articles, I have them posted up on just one slide posting directory that also too has effectively brings me targeted traffic. You can always save your written articles into a form of PDF and upload it up. Slides posting is also highly targeted and powerful because just like article marketing, your slides can be downloaded by other viewers thus enabling another stream of powerful viral effect.

Slideshare is currently the most recommended site to post your slides and PDF documents for free.

Social Networking – this is surely a one click method to making money online. What you basically do is that you submit your written articles or slides that you find relevant to various social networking sites. Social networking communities have effectively transformed itself to not only be a platform for old friends or family to connect but also if creatively manipulated will be a very effective stage to drive in potential customers. The thing about social networking sites is that it is where everyone goes to every time they log in online. Despite having to submit your content to various social network sites, I would recommend you that you sign up for OnlyWire. OnlyWire is a social network posting directory that enables you to simply upload and submit any of your content to all popular social network sites with just one click.

I hope you would have greatly benefited from this article to how I have generated free unstoppable targeted traffic and make money online. This has proven to be very effective for me and hopefully you will profit from it as well. Remember that it would require you to put in a bit of effort as well as time to attain substantial results. Don’t give up and with sheer determination, motivation and perseverance, you will achieve very rewarding results making money on the internet.