Get More Website Traffic – 7 Ways to Boost Website Traffic Today

It only takes a few minutes a day to get more website traffic, believe it or not. In some instances, you only need to press submit once, and a flood of traffic comes rushing in. This is my reality and it can be yours too as long as you follow a few simple steps to get more website traffic.

Here are 7 powerful ways to increase the traffic to your website today:

1. Article marketing. This is still an extremely powerful way to get traffic because of its nature. When readers read your article and they like your information, they are apt to take action on your website.

2. Forum marketing. By sticking to a daily schedule of posting on forums related to your niche market, you can get targeted traffic through your signature file. This is a traffic generation method that pays off in the long run like articles.

3. Ezine advertising. One of the best directories to find ezines to advertise in is the Directory Of Ezines. This makes it super easy to find related ezines in your market to blast out ads to.

4. Pay per click advertising. Probably the quickest way to get targeted traffic on the web. You only pay for clicks you accrue on your ad, not impressions. And you can target your ad to the right audience through keywords.

5. Blog advertising. You can pay to have your reviews on your website on blogs or put up banner ads on high-trafficked blogs in your niche. This is automated traffic at its best – you pay once every month and traffic flows in every day on autopilot!

6. List building. Building your own email list is the ultimate way to recycle your traffic. Most people buy only after the fifth or seventh exposure to your offer. By building a list to follow-up with, you give your offer chances to have a lot of exposures to your potential customers.

7. Social marketing. The new trend on the Internet is that of social networking – which includes sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. On Facebook and MySpace, you can actually buy pay per click ads to advertise on their site and target users based on their interests! This is powerful stuff. Other than that, you can use these websites to deepen the relationship you have with your subscribers, customers and business partners.

I hope this article has given you some ‘brain food’ to increase your traffic. Now, all that’s left is for you to take action to get more website traffic.