Link Popularity – The Difference In Value Between One Way Links And Reciprocal Links

The reciprocal links debate is still going. What is the best? Reciprocal links or one way links?
The answer is subtile and need some explanations.

I believe that quality one way link will definitely gives you the advantage. However I also think reciprocal links from very high Google Page Rank website, which have high backlinks and relevant content to your website will also give the same value.

But if you are just starting a new website, I have learned that one way links are always better. Google wants links to occur in a natural way and one way links would imply that a website linked to yours because it liked your quality contents. So one way link building is the logical way to go if you are just starting a new website and wish to build your link popularity.

If I can get one way link on trusted site it would be great but if I had to link back with them I had to check my criteria. The site content must be related to my website and have decent link popularity
on google. It must also contain at least one top 20 ranking for one of my targeted keywords.

The key to success in my opinion regarding links is lots of relevant links. Any relevant links keep helping your ranking, the higher the relevant links, the closer you are to getting a top 10 ranking for your related keywords. The question is all about link quality. As long as you concentrate on quality links, link exchange will rewards you. Make sure to avoid link farms.

It’s far more effective to have 50 good inbound links from popular pages than 500 links from a
link farm stuffed with no relevant and duplicates content.

Always thing about quality over quantity!

To Your Success!