Security Software

Do you have kids at home and you want to limit their access to the Internet? Or do you run an office and you want to limit your employees’ access to the Internet to prevent them from doing activities that are not related to their work? If you answer yes to either, then what you need is security software.

Security software is useful in both your home and your office. With security software, you can monitor your kids’ online activities such as games, chat and Internet surfing. If you suspect that your children are trying to access porn and adult sites, or are chatting with a total stranger, you can prevent them from being exposed to these and from divulging any information to online predators.

You can also install this software in your office to keep track of what your employees do on the Internet during working hours. Surfing network-related sites, chatting, playing online games and downloading MP3S and online movies can consume more than 30% of your bandwidth, which is a waste since these are not at all connected to the business.

Not only that — these activities can lower production and productivity. What’s worse is that they could be intentionally or unintentionally revealing confidential company information to the outside world. If your office has security software, you monitor all these and put an end to network-related activities.

With the increasing number of Internet users, whether children or employees, security software has become more in demand. There are different packages that you can choose from. You just have to check features and benefits to see what best suit your needs.