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PPC Advertising stands for Pay per Click Advertising. There are several

multinational companies around the world which are spending thousands of dollars every single month on their PPC advertising campaigns.

According to Forbes, by 2008, companies will spend $8 billion a year on PPC advertising.

There are three major parts of your pay per click marketing campaigns that you can constantly improve.

o Create more focused lists of keywords.

o Split tests your ads for better conversions.

o Your conversion rate including how your keywords are converting into sales and the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Nothing is perfect in this world; Pay per Click Advertising has some benefits and drawbacks also. No matter which keyword you are choosing for

PPC campaigns, you should be familiar with all benefits, and drawbacks of PPC Advertising. Some of them are given below

Some of the benefits of PPC Advertising are: –

o You can start immediately without any knowledge of Natural Rankings/ Organic SEO.

o You will start to see results within 4-5 days.

o There is no need to design a website which conforms to SEO guidelines.

o Even if your website doesn’t show up on top pages of various search engines, you can still opt for PPC Advertising.

o You can target every single search engine on the globe.

o You can target any keyword you want.

You should always choose top level keywords for PPC Advertising, but along with their benefits they have their drawbacks too.

Some of the drawbacks of PPC Advertising are: –

o You have to pay a fixed amount every month to Google, Yahoo, or Msn.

o You pay for every single click your website receives. Sometimes your visitors are just your competitors, and other people simply fooling around on search engines. They can really increase your expenditure.

o If you are unable to pay the fees for the next month, your website is removed from the paid listings immediately.

o This form of Advertising is temporary, thus can be difficult to manage for a longer period.

o This form of Advertising is not recommended for a longer period of times, due to costs involved.

In order to make more money with pay per click marketing you should always try and improve your landing pages. There are so many questions,

which are very important to know. Some of them are below.

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How to Test If you’re Tracking Code Has Worked Properly?

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