The Value Of Buying Link Popularity Through One Way Text Links

A little over two years ago, the first websites to sell one way text links started to appear. At first, myself and others viewed this as the start of something great but shortly thereafter, websites buying these links were losing value and appeared as if they were being penalized. Well, as it turns out, they were but not because of the one way text links themselves. It was mainly because the companies buying them were buying hundreds a month and only keeping them active for 2 or 3 months at the most. This in turn caught the eye of Google and other engines and soon became a taboo method of building link popularity.

Not long ago, Freelance Marketing Group, Inc. started experimenting with the possibility of buying relevant, high page rank text links with the intent of keeping those text links around for the duration of a marketing campaign. The result was “SUCCESSFUL”. Not only did the sites we purchase one way text links for gain link popularity but they also gained positions in the search engines, which resulted in an increase in search engine traffic as well as direct traffic from the sites where the text link ads were purchased.

The result seems to be success when buying text links to improve your link popularity but only if this is going to become a part of your monthly marketing program and not just a quick way to gain some top listings in the search engines.

Sites that we purchased links for but only kept them on active for a few months, didn’t gain much positive attention by the search engines and in some cases, actually caused negative affects. One of the sites has lost all page rank and appears to be in the Google Sandbox, while the other sites have dropped around 35% of their positions.

So, is this definitive proof that buying your link popularity through one way text link ads is a bad thing – well, with the short length of research, it would see yes but there is always the possibility that this was just coincidence. Further studies on our test sites will be conducted.

What we do know is that if you plan to use these purchased text links in your marketing program it has to be for the duration. Like anything with search engine marketing, the longer something is online, the more value it gains. Remember, the search engines were originally designed to provide quality information to people, not sell products and services. This means that quality content + relevant links (purchased or exchanged) equals a quality and unique experience for the visitors and search engines. That combination means top positions in the search engines.